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The Renalchair 410 CE provides the ideal solution for clinical and home dialyses. It is also suited as a treatment chair in blood centers and medical laboraties.
The Renalchair 410 CE combines the comfort and functions of a bed with the comfort of an armchair. The psychological unhelpful hospital atmosphere during dialyses treatment can be avoided. The patient is allowed to be more active during the treatment period.
The storage space of the Renalchair 410 CE is much smaller than standard hospital beds need. Large lockable casters allow the chair to be moved easily or be secured in place.

An Intelligent Control System (ICS) is a completely new solution the actuators of the Renalchair 410 CE. All actuators are controlled and adjusted by a microprocessor. These actuators work independently. The ICS allows them to move the back rest, thigh rest, leg rest, footrest and the seat height into any desired position by a handset. When adjusting the leg rest, the microprocessor controlled foot rest is automatically moved and does not have to be adjusted manually.

A simple push on the emergency buttons located on the base frame moves the chair to the Trendelenburg shock position. These buttons can be easily reached by feet, this leaves your hands free to start any necessary emergency measures.

Sitting Position

The angle of the leg rest can be adjusted to the patients specific activity. This position also gives a proper position to insert the IV into the arm.

Bed Position

The chair is wide enough to allow a fully relaxed sleep. Head rest, leg rest and footrest can be adjusted independently to find the most comfortable position for each individual.

Shock Position (Trendelenburg)

The chair comes with two emergency buttons easy accessible by foot. They bring the chair into the ideal position for fast emergency treatment.


Following options are available for the Renalchair 410 CE.

Central brake System

A pedal blocks all four wheels simultaneously. The Central Brake System works properly on floors with up to 8 % angle of incline.

Adjustable Armrests

The armrest can be adjusted from + 15 degree to – 15 degree.


For additional head support, a neck-rest is available. This can be easily attached by Velcro fastener to support the neck at the desired height.

Handset Holder

The handset can be hanged on this metal holder. This device also serves as an armrest upholstery protector.

Back Rest Handle

This handle is mounted on the backrest and makes it possible to maneuver the chair easily and comfortably.

Special Width

The padding is wide 64 cm (standard 54 cm).

Comfort Cushion

As an alternative solution to the neck-rest, the comfort cushion option can be choosen. This is pulled over the back rest with a stretch band and can be attached at any desired height.

Thermo Foam upholstery

The upholstery is made up with additional thermo foam. This upholstery uses the body temperature to take adapt the individual shape of the patients body.

Frame and cover gray.
Upholstery available in more then 12 different colors.